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What We Do:

Using a combination of machine learning and existing smartphone technology, the Transcribbit app sends notifications to help students direct their attention to a given subject.  Transcribbit provides a transcript of the lecture, indicates important lecture or speech moments, and highlights them in real time, as well as in saved notes. We help those who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have auditory processing issues, helping these students understand what is being asked of them without the use of a interpreter. We free up students time and attention span, so they can focus on understanding the material without having to stress about missing homework, equations, or other key notes.

Who We Help:

Students with ADHD

Students with ADHD often struggle to stay focused during long lectures, and can miss out on key points due to issues with focus. By alerting students during important moments, Transcribbit ensures that these students won't fall behind due to a moment of inattention.

Students with Autism

Students with Autism often struggle to read professor cues during lecture, causing them to struggle with identifying important information. By alerting students directly, Transcribbit helps them prioritize what's most important for understanding a concept.

Students with Hearing Difficulties

By providing live, accessible transcription, Transcribbit helps ensure that students with hearing difficulties won't fall behind due to misunderstanding important words or phrases. Additionally, the transcription allows them to focus on understanding concepts, rather than hearing the right words.

...and everyone else!

We firmly believe that effective disability accommodations can improve everyone's quality of life. Having an easily accessible transcript can help relieve the pressure of copying slides or lectures word-for-word, allowing students to focus on learning rather than copying information.

See it in action:

Transcribbit Demo

Transcribbit Demo

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